This is humbling

I just put together a free 12-part series for you

This recent news is humbling for me.

To celebrate, I put together a 12-part video series for you for free.

9 years ago, I left $70k as a developer to bet on live-streaming.

1 year later, my app was acquired by Logitech’s Streamlabs.

2 years ago, I left $160k as a designer to bet on content creation.

20 months later, I 2x’d that salary and grew an audience to 1M.

Last week, I took the biggest risk of my career: I acquired UX Tools, an online learning hub for product designers.

I do not have a traditional education.

Without online learning, my life would be very different.

My success is a statistical anomaly:

  • My childhood: Low-income home, imprisoned father

  • As a teenager: Dropped out of college, became a dad

  • By 23: Fathered 4 boys, bankrupt, went to war twice

My mission is to make my outcomes accessible to more people.

Over the next few years, I’m betting on:

  • A fundamental shift in how software is designed

  • More non-designers learning design tools

  • More design leverage from AI technology

If I’m wrong:

  • I’ll lose all financial stability

  • I’ll have let down my wife and 4 boys

  • I’ll feel publicly humbled

I’m disappointed in the quality of design education today. It’s not supportive of the reality ahead.

With UX Tools, I’ll be launching micro-courses to prepare all shapes of software designers: from freelancers to FAANG to aspiring founders.

But this last part is most important:

You are the reason I’m able to pursue this mission.

As a thank you, I'm releasing a 12-part video series to show you how to carve your own path in content creation:

  • It’s totally free

  • Releasing one episode every day on LinkedIn for the next 11 days.

  • First episode just dropped today

Let me know if you have any questions I might answer in the upcoming videos.

- Tommy

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